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Lion Men's Meet & Greet.
Wednesday, August 6, 2014 | 0 Diamond[s]
Lion Men had a meet and greet in Miri on 20th July!

I saw a poster saying the meet and greet info at Parkson (thats like few weeks before the meet n greet). at first im like woah look at that then im like wait... lolol i told my mum and sis and got so excited but again 90% not sure im going. i actually thought i wont make it but haha i make it *unnecessarily wailing*

*skips every part and went straight to the meet&greet*

off to Parkson around 1pm~ theres so many car like soooo many. but its expected since its sunday and its Parkson. the first thing when i went in Parkson is to find the meet n greet place and i think i went to every corner of Parkson already LOL i went up and down in and out and i got so confused like ???? it says first floor but i cant find it, i asked the person she says first floor while pointing up so im like what. anyway still managed to find it lol... and my head hurts so bad after that.

waited for one hour and they finally came out. there's two performance before they go up stage. first off, lion dance performance and second, dance performance.

90% of the time i just stare at their (tosh them) back lol 

and finally they went up stage...

they started off by introduce themself and weiliang's really funny. like reallly funny, and he talks a lot. tosh too but not as much as weiliang. bunz and maxi are quite quiet. but maxi talks alot too! (do i make any sense) they joke alot tho~

their first performance is 擦肩 by weiliang (but they all sing anyways lol) i took aloooooot of picture but my camera sux omg so i just stare look at them (90% tosh)

they were going to continue with another song (i think its called 这就是爱情) but idk what happened maybe the people there can't find the song so they decided to play game instead. there's a little boy up there and i don't think he knows who are them...his face looks like we all owe him 100billion no lies. four people were up to play, and got asked about the movie. 

the question they (lion men) asked:
weiliang: who's your favorite character?
tosh: the names of the 3 team
bunz: the real name of the main character (girl)
maxi: is my hair nice in the movie (the back part)... (he really just ask that question lmao...)

he must really liked that kid..

after maxi done weiliang was like "wait did you ask question" and bunz answer with "yeah he only want to know if his hair are nice" LOL they all received gift (poster + tissue LMAO) the tissue cover(?) got their face heyyyy. they took a group picture also! but then they actually say they can take picture with the person they like... not sure if they're referring to the //group pic// i think they talk abit after that? i forgot...

then they perform 这就是爱情 and 我们.兄弟. 90% of the time i was just staring at them thinking "wow this is real.." haha i juust can't believe they're just infront of me... (jk theyre like 19318382372km away from me)

and omg when they're performing 这就是爱情, they just take the poster out of nowhere and start to give people and within five seconds the place turn into chaos. i went to take too but then theres so many people... i look at the chaos and was like ".....No." kind of give up + dont want to give up and end up not getting any.. but my sis managed to get it idk how LOL. applause for her! and ugh i didnt know tosh was //just// infront of me like literally infront... like ... cries into the sky

they talk more..? i think... (memory not good..) so after the chaos and talking, taking group picture, ofcourse its signing time! i let my sis go haha i was infront of them wanting to take picture when they're signing but it looks like im taking picture of those peoples butt.. like pls bend down abit so i can take picture of them...? i managed to take //some// when theres a tiny hole lol.. i cant even see maxi and bunz tbh (also jack neo)

yeah i mosaic their butt LOL pls focus on the tiny holes so you can see a glimpse(?) of their face

after my sister was done, we went beside of the stage so i can see them. i could only see tosh and weiliang haha.

after signing event they're off to watch the movie and i went back home. and my head hurts again LOL. im glad i got to see them haha and im glad my mum bring us to see them eventho she give 0 shix about them. tbh when they appear, i cant believe that they're //just// infront of me and they're real.. until today i still can't believe i actually "met" them. i think the good thing to see your idol in real life is knowing that they're actually real. the bad thing is you're starting to have post-fanmeet depression.. cough

ah, group photo (im somewhere at where the arrows pointing)

ok so thats all!



CNY 2014.
Thursday, February 6, 2014 | 0 Diamond[s]

*throws mandarin orange*


went to miri on 年三十!

shop awhile when we reached miri, then to ahma house!!

reunion dinner!!

fireworks yay

do you know what will happen when the clock strikes 12am??? FIREWORKS.

my neighbor's firework so big and long lmao kiasu 


yumm food my fav part of cny

went to cousin's house! main purpose: his wifi o/


cutest cousin omg
stay cute ;-;


cuteeest omg look at her dress ;-;
should've take selca with her aiya

went to yima's house!

and then open house! a chaotic one.. lol

ready for party~

theres more people actually


planned to go back Bru today but parents say too many car so~


breakfast with uncle them!

at noon, we walk to waipo's friends house~



lunch before back to Bru~


... annnnd thats all~ once again, happy Chinese new year! ^^ hope y'all get many angpao as possible.


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